Urtuk hits “First Access” on itch.io!

Oct 24, 2019 | 0 comments

We are most happy to announce that after 4 years of hard work, we release Urtuk on itch as “First Access”!

The current build of Urtuk has all features already implemented. With this release, our primary goal is to
gather as much feedback from you as possible – to improve the game. We think the game is already fun and
quite well balanced, but we want more! More content, more challenge, more fun!

The game has already great replay value even now. We procedurally generate campaign, battlefields and even the enemies and their
stats and traits. You can spend in one run lots of hours, there aren’t any time restrictions or limits, only increasing challenge.
Our development plan is to push updates every two weeks, with new content like new character classes, new quests, traits, abilities
and of course tons of tweaking and balancing based on your suggestions.

– improved visuals in UI
– added new character graphics for elite variants of enemies
– improved battlefield generation – more variants, better layouts
– improved visuals for roads on world map
– two new Beast classes
– new traits, lots of updates/balances on existing ones
– english error/spelling corrections
– improved animations for ‘being-hit’ in battles, ‘out-of-breath’ icons added,
– better visuals for lava terrain
– added new music & sounds to world and battles
– tons of bug fixes, balances and tweaking

Get it here:


Also here you can find a cool preview article & gameplay video of the game