Update 0.87.08 is LIVE!

Sep 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Hello all!

we have been quite busy for another month and have done further progress.
What has been done in a nutshell?
Added new boss: Victor the Marksman, comleted all elite visuals for all classes, improved balance and added some new stuff!

Let’s see what’s in this update:

Fixed the bug with ‘re-rolling’ traits when starting campaign
Amos boss fight: you can’t retreat from that fight anymore
Beast Turtle: added Round Strike to random traits
added some additional traits to classes (thx yeek: quick reflexes for warlord, recovering criticals for marauder, fast thinker for shaman)

minor fix: boss scaling (amos & judge)
french loc.updates
small updates

Grand bosses: they will now refuse to go to any mission
Jester: removed ‘Immobilizing crits’ trait, but kept it for deso dif.
Deso diff.: added some traits to classes (google doc)
Torturer’s Tatto mutator cannot be upgraded with Lifestone
small bugfix
small improv. in game setup UI
Amos champ. boss updates (deso only)

Valdor piercer fix

Torturer tooltip minor fix
2h-sword: raised armour shatter to 85%
Snipe: lowered stam.cost to 75
Werebeast (hook): added Flesh eater (all diff.)

deso diff.: added additional traits to enemies (see google doc)
Urtuk mutations: recovery changed to rec.II
fort map fixes
minor updates
Forsaken Wrath: reduced healing aura effect by 20%

small updates, fixes
Torturer minor fix
deso/epic diff. recovery injury times reduced by a bit
map updates

Valdor piercer bugfix

small updates, typos fixes
deso diff.: starter classes get +1 extra absorp.slots

Village center defender battle(yellow escapes): now if you kill 50% of the initial (village center) enemies, the reinf. will stop
Removed wage from rescued prisoners from village tunnels

Siege defend battle allies scale fix; Urtuk mutation count raised to 4(was 3), last 4th triggers at day 170
bugfix: applying speed penalty on shatterproof units has not applied ‘slowed’ effect.
Urtuk mutations: now player can choose from 2 candidates traits. The not selected trait can still occur in the next mutation event.
Urtuk mutations: added Overdose & Delirium (once again)

small UI improv.

fort maps updates (kitten)
added new ‘elite’ visuals for: Bount hunter, Bounty hunter (flail), Beast rhino, Beast porcupine, Beast puller, new skin for Vampire origin

Added ‘Butcher for Blood’ misison
Necroreaver: thick skin & monster heart is now not extractable to not bloat the reward screen
Amos: changed ‘unavailability’ days 7 -> 5
added elite skin for Bounty hunter (javelin)

new ‘fort map’

Final battle: pulled the ‘fort tiles’ by 1 hex; Ivadd: the max DR for player is now 50% (was 80%)
scav.warlord: replaced his foc.abilty with Rend Armour
Amos: ‘train days’ reduced 5->4

Desolation diff. traits update for some classes (google doc)
small updates
AI: added the possiblity for enemy AI to throw all types of traps. The enemy traps are ‘red highlighted’ so player can differenciate them from his own traps.
Stalwart refactored (using now battle.canDisplace); new trait: IgnoreStalwart
Added elite skin for Vampire origin
gx updates
Vampire lesser: using now the Vampire origin skin
Added spine2d model for ‘Marksman boss’
Urtuk mutation ‘Delirium’: increased charges 2->3
Reduced some calamities’ durations.
Amos: added ‘Quick learner’ to compensate his ‘unavailbility’

Marksman boss (Victor): is now available in the world (special condition must be met to reveal him)

Ivadd: nerfed his traits & stats once he gets to player party
Ivadd: capped his +dmg trait from attacking allies at +100% dmg. Also reduced the +% dmg per attack +20% -> +10%

That’s it!

Unfortunately, this version is not save compatible and will break your current saves. But fear not!
You can still continue playing your current run, just opt-in into “Betas” from steam app, and select the ‘steam – 0.87.07’ version from the selection of versions.

Thanks a lot for all your support and feedback!