Update 0.87.07 is LIVE!

Aug 17, 2020 | 0 comments


another month has passed and we have done further nice progress! We’ve added two new bosses, improved overall game balance and flow, added elite visuals for all human classes, created 5th highest difficulty and much much more!

Let’s summarize:

Added ‘Dismiss all’ button for closing all info messages in worldmap screen (upper left corner)
Added shortcuts(1-0) for selecting first 1-10 avatars in deploy phase
Ancient General: added karwla speed and mind of genius
bugfix: Barrel thrower won’t fire if 60% of units are ‘inside fort’
french loc.updates
polish loc.updates
russian loc.updates
minor fixes

Torturer ‘Sadist’ trait: now injures him on every 10th day (was 7th)
Added new ‘Hammer boss’ fight (The Judge)

Judge boss map update
minor fixes
Thick skin: reduced tier to I (was II)
Torturer ‘Sadist’ trait: now injures him on every 10th day (was 7th)

minor fixes (Ai should not try displace stalwart/rooted units)
russian loc.updates
Resilience: triggers now at 35% max hp(was 40%);
Flesh eater: improved the description
small fixes (ai-behavior forgot to setup in some quests)
Forsaken master (mini-boss): added Blood Curse II
minor updates
Champion unlock: villagers won’t count as ‘fighters’ for evaluation

Fort maps updates: added ‘reworked’ (by kitten) 3 older maps. After testing will add the existing kitten maps back.
Oil + vampire mission: added more ‘master’ classes to recruit pool and removed vamp lord
Traitor mission: reduced enemy count by 20%
Abomination & Forsaken King boss balance updates
Ancient General Boss (Mandoralen): raised lvl of his 3 bodyguards

Added new trait: “Adaptive body”: reduces any ‘speed penalty’ by 75%. All grand bosses have it now.
fort maps update (kitten): added reworked fort map

added new battle objective: ‘Defend catapults’;
maps updates
Deathcather (zone1 final boss): removed Leech, added Leeching Double Strike
Battle quest updates
text, russian loc.updates
Scout mission: increased duration to 6 days(was 3)
Poison resistance: minor fix
Added ‘elite’ looks for guardian class

Added new diff.: “Hell”
Jester & forksaken king boss map updates
Devil’s pact fixes;
added two new traits:’Evasion’ and ‘Sudden Throw’
Deathcatcher: removed Rooted, added Stalwart. All bosses: replaced Bloodless with Natural resistance
russian loc.updates, text upd.
maps update
dungeon biome: barricades gx updates

Added missing revenant classes (valdor reaper & necro warrior)

Jugde boss: increased HP by cca 300
russian loc.updates
Evasion bugfix
butcher mission(fles): yield 45 flesh (was 39)
For all 1h-sword classes added ‘Light Weapon’
Swords(1h- & 2h-) reduced shatter to 70% (was 100%). If it doesn’t work good (sub optimal), we revert back to 100%
combined kitten fort maps to total of 3+8=11

Added new grand boss: Amos The Champion;
Added new trait: Heavy javelin
Diff.names changed.
small updates
Beast puller: added Light weapon trait
Grap & Attack: now adjacent allies attack also critically

evasion: minor fix;
Peltast boss gx updates;
maps updates

english loc.updates (screeg)
Evasion: jumps to lower tile at max elv.diff = 1
Village reinf. battle: reduced the reinf.rate by 30%
maps updates
Amos – added Wage (for now until another balance mechanic is implemented)

Added logic for any diff.setting to ‘customize’ enemies. For now, Deathcatcher gets for epic/deso the DoubleLeechingStrike & Revitalizer
Torturer’s Tatto: now the map location is revealed immediatelly after you merge all pieces in party screen.
fixed some copy-edit merging (incorrect Encoding) issues
copy-edit updates (screeg)
Deathcatcher: removed Revitalizer and Leeching Double strike
jump, evasion: can jump up to a max. elev. level of 3.
Screen english loc.updates (merging back to java files)
russian loc.updates
minor fix
Amos – added wage (for now, as balance)
avatars added (amos, judge)

Amos the Champion: removed Wage; added new perk: Champion – after a battle, he goes train and thus won’t be available (in your party) for 7 days
Hell(desolation): increased injured recovery time, cost of medicine, recruit at black market, armour.guild
Light Foot: reduced cost of life essence to 22 (ie. is now tier I mutator)
Valdor classes: ‘Valdorian Armour’ is now applied only at epic/deso diff.
chinese loc.updates
french loc.updates

Exploration diff.: Necros have no HP bonus;
Adventure diff.: Necros have +15% HP;
Veteran+. diff.: necros – additional +25% HP (so cca x1.40 compared to exploration diff.)

Epic+ diff.: added additional traits for some classes (non-elites)

Veteran+ diff.: all Valdorians have Vald.armour; Deathcatcher has now double leeching strike & revitalizer (moved from epic diff.)
Revenants: all armoured revenants get Valdorian armour

some fixes bonefisher
beast porcupine: for veteran+ added ‘strongVs Isolated’ (enemy + player)

Deso diff.: some classes gained extra traits (google doc)
Deso: reduced XP levelup by 15%
Deso diff.: all grand-bosses have “Bloodless”

Revenant start camp.: they won’t send away boss recruits anymore – so you can have 3 starter revenants + Ivadd/Amos in the party
small updates
reduced fort reward medicine by one.
reduced ‘Flesh upkeep’ for beast campaign by 20%
Added ‘inside fort’ hex symbol in case of a siege battle

Deso diff.: added traits to some classes
Monster slayer quest: added Taunt immunity trait
Fort battle reward: medicine=3x; for epic+ difficulties: medicine=1x
map (fort) updates

small fix (save break)
Ivadd: added new trait: “Die not so fast!” (disables progress of injury to death if not treated with a medicine)

completed all ‘elite skins’ for human classes (ie.: berserker, footman, bloodknight, spearman, hunter, priest)
reinf. now can spawn at tiles with hazardous objects (traps, spikes,..) but not into dead zones.
Soldier perk: on hit dmg reduced to 13% (was 15%) to trigger
Ancient General: increased the ‘awake’ rate of Valdorian soldiers 2->3;
Devil’s pact damage is now calculated based on the attacker’s MAX HP x 10.

deso diff.: added some traits to classes (see google doc)
french loc.fix

Warmonk elite assets added
improved rewards for ‘Collapsed Mine’ quest
Delirium removed from Urtuk’s mutations pool

minor bugfix

small improvements on UI

Unfortunatelly this update is not save compatible with the previous version (0.87.06), but fear not, you can continue your current run: just opt-in into steam branches and select the ‘steam – 0.87.06’ and you should be fine.