New build available (0.85.01)!

Nov 8, 2019 | 0 comments


We have created another build for you! For this one, there are new features added and lots of improvements and balances done. Please check the details below.

What have we done?

Lots of big and small things. Version 0.85.01

– Discord integration (Instant feedback)
– updates in visuals when in deploy phase
– improvements in battle UI (hold CTRL to reveal extended information)
– added ‘elite’ visuals for some characters
– added two new beast classses – ‘puller’, ‘turtle’
– added new Focus ability – ‘Confuse’
– added new Intro battle scene when starting the campaign
– balancing to status effects application when hit was blocked by armour
– loot roll updates
– Warmonk & Priest: they now get XP faster
– new music additions
– new quests/battle objectives added
– AI (taunted) improvements
– spear damage increased +15%
– ‘Scavenge’ mission additions (now you can get infected by Vampire or Werebeast), some balancing
– added new Perk for Urtuk – to track his Mutation progress and its effects
– battle log enhancements (more details about healing)
– added new 4 classes (for the Intro battle scene, but you might see them also later on)
– tons of balancing and tweaking

Get it here: