Dev update #9 – new build (0.84.02) for playtest!

Sep 6, 2019 | 0 comments

Guys, new build available!

build – 0.84.02
– new class (Bounty hunter Engager)
– added new 2 quest types (Collapsed mine, Epic Battle)
– added ‘Zone boss’ at the final node for each zone
– complete overhaul of weapon/armour sounds in battlefield
– refined UI in world map
– added new traits
– lots of balances and tweaks around traits, classes and quests
– Assassin/Berserker class improvements
– lots of visual enhancements in battlefield and world map
– added another small ‘easying mechanics’ for first missions when starting campaign (so you don’t get raped in 1st mission)
– renamed ‘Fatigue’ to ‘Stamina’ – it’s more intuitive for players

Download here (win, mac, linux):

Let me know if you have any issues downloading the build!