Dev update #7 – new build for playtesting!

Aug 5, 2019 | 0 comments

Hi guys,
we have listen to your feedback, and working hard on improvements and additions. Please feel free to download the latest ‘beta build’ and try it out!
This build features combat & campaign features, and is playable from start until end.

build available – v0.83.00 (download link:!9wRFSCaT!TF57BNnJqyeTvGaZvCVDgA )

– lots of visuals additions and improvements (battlefield & world map)
– during deploy you can now move camera with keys
– added plenty of new quests/battle objectives
– added about 20 new premade (handcrafted) maps
– added ‘missions’ for idle characters. For now only 2 – scavenge and training
– many balances, tweaks and bug fixes, along with QoL features
– projectile calculation update – your ranged char. can now fire without penalty right behind ally
– more statistics
– auto sorting in party screen for those in-battle
– “shield ally” effect wears now off when shielder gets his turn and is not dependent on target anymore (this
caused a lot of confussion)
– reworked how Aldehyde on enemies work – now after battle you get always 40x life essence into your resources pool and for each aldehyded enemy
you can use life essence to extract traits and (new!) also his focus ability
– added new mutator slot for member in party screen. This slot is specific for ‘focus ability mutators’ only.
– sounds updates – each ‘creature family’ got own voice & sounds!
– added new missions – cure Vampirism & Werebeastism (but needs a special character with ‘Healer perk’ – found in some quests)
– legendary items do not overwrite focus ability. They only add trait like before. I wanted to separate those additions from each other
– visuals on battlefield enhancements (characters, effects, environment, ..)
– added new StrongVS traits, special traits, new quests
– lots of balancing & tweaking
– difficulty setting name changed. The level is still the same, just the names were changed (nobody likes to play on ‘easy’, right?)
– many bug fixes

The improved graphics can be seen here:

Donwload from here:!9wRFSCaT!TF57BNnJqyeTvGaZvCVDgA

If you have any suggestions, tips or you would like share your feedback, please join us on Discord

See you then!