Dev update #4 Achievement traits

Nov 15, 2018 | 0 comments

Hi guys!

Today I want to talk about game’s new feature – Achievement traits. Normally, any character can have multiple traits specified by its class or equipped by mutator.

We want to enhance the character progression by adding a new way how to get even more traits – by achievements in battles. This just means that any combatant, by given circumstances and actions can learn new trait. For example, if a guardian protects too often anyone with very low HP, he might learn the Sentinel achievement trait – granting a passive ability to shield ally when he is on low HP. Or when a character kills an enemy with more than half HP in one blow – he might acquire the Executioner achievement perk – giving him a chance to kill instantly a target with low HP when critically hit.

These special traits can be only acquired by doing specific actions under specific conditions and cannot be get in any other way.

Furthermore, achievement traits have some progress to be made until they can be utilized at full potential. So you need to repeat those actions to progress them and it’s up to the player to recognize what needs to be done to progress achievement traits.

We have various tiers for these learnable traits and the more powerful the trait is, the more difficult it is to acquire it.

In this animated gif we show you how the Brother In Arms achievement trait is automatically triggered when your character attacks the enemy, thus the enemy is also attacked by the other ally.

That’s it for today! Be tuned to next updates in the future!