Boss update is LIVE!

Jul 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Here we go, we’re proud to release this “new content” update with lots of stuff in, mainly:

– 5 new bosses (with unique visuals, boss mechanics, unique map and special reward for each boss)
– 2 new starting factions: Swampers and Beasts
– several new battle objectives (village fights, missions, etc..)
– several new unique legendary items and mutators

We have introduced end zone bosses for each zone: with that you have to fight a unique grand boss before you can proceed to next zone.
Also, there are optional grand bosses roaming in the world of Urtuk and you might find clues how to reveal them!
Each boss comes with its very specific mechanics, and it is up to the player to figure out, what works best.
After defeating him, you will obtain a unique item which will add new game mechanics to your run!
For example, with the “Death Stone”, you can kill any of your party member and extract almost any of its traits (even if it’s non extractable after a normal battle).

We also listened to you players and your feedback and suggestions and made a big list of changes and improvements (HUGE thank you!).

Let’s summarize all of it in the changelog:

– in fort sieges, the enemy archers will be placed into balistrarias;
– balistraria: now will also prevent all displacements (bash, flip, ram, uplift,..);
– added new feature for player characters: unlocking ‘elite’ visuals. This ‘elite appearance’ can be achieved under some specific conditions.This change will only apply if you start new campaign.
– ‘The Champion’ trait: now unlocks at progress=3 (was 5); also it ads +5% dmg and +5% max hp
– Grand boss names updates (credit to: soma, savage, yeek, pupuc)
– weaponmaster quest: renamed ‘crossbowman’ to ‘huntsman’ and he now also teaches both
– crossbowmen & blowgun/pipetube classes (floaters)
– scav.warlord: increased absorp.slots: 2->3
– Unbreakable: removed the ‘taunt immunity’; added new trait ‘Unshakable’: grants taunt immunity (all bosses have it)
– Torturer: added new perk ‘Sadist’: on every 7th day, he injures himself (if not already injured)
– Valdorian Armour: reduced the armour bonus to +50% (was 100%)
– Added new grand boss: ‘Jester’ aka Baccayeek The Deathcatcher
– Torturer: removed Murdering sence, reduced max DR to 80% and rate
– Champion trait: dmg/max hp increased to 10%/10% (was 5/5)
– Made the ‘Swampers’ as starter faction (reach zone2!); Forsaken starter classesa available upon reaching zone3;
– 2h-sword: damage reduced by 10%
– Endzone boss for 1st zone is ‘Jester’ and for 2nd zone it’s the ‘Abomination’
– Added new ability: Throw Jester’s trap;
– swamp shaman: reduced start CONC; focus gain from casting spells reduced by 30%
– added a single Necroreaver fort for 2nd zone
– Ancient general: added def. & spine assets
– Bounty Hunter (axe): slots 4->1 For Boss fights calamities are disabled
– added new ‘boss fight battlequest (with map)’; some refactor (non-breaking!); additions
– Urtuk mutations: if ranged, some traits are filtered out (flagrant, quick refl., fast recovery), added Karwla speed and Lyncher.
– super healing: now recovery is done on 7th day (was 4th) and costs 10/10 blood/flesh
– battle quest updates
– bugfix: ramming rooted unit won’t trigger retaliation anymmore
– Added ‘Ancient General’ boss;
– fort/sieges: the contraints for ‘inside fort’ is now only applied based on distance from player spawns.
– fix: Armour piercing traits wont pierce through Valdorian armour
– Added ‘Beasts’ as starter faction
– improved RNG for focus mutator selection from fortress rewards (more variety!)
– improved RNG for village battle selection (more variety!)
– increased the ‘inside fort’ distance 4->5 (based on Kitten’s maps for best results)
– reduced villages capture count 35% -> 30% to reveal the exit node (and zone boss)
– reduced image size of ‘end turn’ button in worldmap
– Added new perk: “Flesh consumer”: now it’s used for the Beasts start.
– Added new mission: “Butcher(flesh)”: kill a unit and get flesh
– Barrel thrower min range changed 3 -> 8
– Volcano calamity: now oil spreads slower and dries out quicker (5turns -> 3)
– Added new battle quest: ‘Traitor’
– Beast bloody/toxic class have 100 absorp.slots now
– Forsaken ‘avenger’ (from elites reinf.) got speed buffs
– bugfix: bashing a target from balistraria will negate that effect
– Flesh bucher missions yields 40 flesh
– Flesh consumer: flesh upkeep raised by 25%
– ‘Avenger’ from forsaken elites should not interfere with the ‘win conditions’
– grand bosses: +20% HP, +Bloodless (let’s experiment, if it’s too much, I’ll remove it)
– Traitor battle quest: now if you attack just one enemy, all will turn on you (before only the attacked turned on you, while others were chasing the traitor)
– Natural Resistance: now cures both poison and bleeding at 1st turn
– zone-bosses have now their own special map; added ‘Forsaken King’ as 3rd zone boss (we use him (for now) also as optional grand boss in 1st zone with Death Stone reward)
– strongVS armour: now applies only when target has some armour hp left.
– Valdor Piercer now works only against armoured targets
– beast classes updates
– added new Village battle
– Character selection in the start screen: disabled re-roll of already selected character traits when other character has been changed.
– Beast porcupine: on self-hit spread poison cloud (ignores armour)
– beast rhino: added pushing criticals, small village(balistraria) updates
– Jester boss: reduced delirium charges 5->3 and HP by 20%
– Tatoo map count reduced to 7 (was 10) to reveal Torturer boss
– Many bugfixes, UI improvements, enhancements
– Chinese loc.updates
– Russian loc.updates
– French loc.updates
– Polish loc.updates

Unfortunately there are so many changes, improvements and additions in the campaign, that we could not make your current version of Urtuk compatible with the “Boss update” :(.
But fear not, as always, I’ll keep also the previous version in steam as an optional branch – so you can select it and continue playing your current run!