Dev update #8 - new build (0.84.00) for playtest!


After two weeks of intensive labor we released another iteration of the game.

version 0.84.00

- removed items upgrading from metal (I found it too simple, and not even fun, besides you always got better gear from loots)
- in 5th zone - added the final node "Ancient city" which ends the game. In future, there will be quests associated with further
progress when reaching Ancient city
- for easy/normal difficulties added 'easying missions': when you start new campaign you'll find those at the start location
-> it should help you find new recruits quicklier and the missions are rated 'easy'
- added normal save/load options (the quick-save/quick-load still exist)
- you can now rename your party members
- replaced placehodler assets with new visuals for 3rd zone (Undergrounds)
- added Fog of War
- reduced threat from Karwla - now they spawn much later in a zone. I want to give player more freedom and time to explore.
- added music tracks for campaign & battles.
Now only few, more coming in future!
We might also replace the current ones, let's see if it's not too annoying.
- new quests, traits, abilities, lots of balances, improvements and tweaks

Here a screen from our new visuals for 3rd zone (Undergrounds):


And 2nd zone (Swamps):


Download from here:!9wRFSCaT!TF57BNnJqyeTvGaZvCVDgA

Alternative download:!AsiNa4BdRlqCaqqt94O6DbyhtdU?e=xkMI6W


If you have any suggestions, tips or you would like share your feedback, please join us on Discord




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