Progress (World map sketch)


We finished first draft of our world map! It's just a high level sketch, but doing nice progress there. Along with doing the visuals, we also work on a number of quests for our incoming pre-alpha demo! More info later ;)


More detailed world map (draft):

Progress (battlefield map sketch)

We are completing the programming of core concepts/mechanics of the game.

Now what needs to be done, is to define world map graphics along with quests. Also we need to finish the combat arena graphics.

Here is one of our initial drafts:



Progress (combat characters)

We are heavily focusing on characters used in the turn based combat map.

Here are some units already done (just some):




I will add more in the future..


About the Game

Urtuk: The Desolation is an adventure, turn based tactical RPG game with an open dark fantasy world.

The game contains two gameplay parts - one is the world map, where the player holds a party of adventurers and travels freely across the map.

The other part is the combat, introducing hex map with turn based tactical options, where you and the enemy execute (in free order) units' actions. 


The world in the game is a place of pain, suffering and darkness. Urtuk is the name of main character. His story begins when he escaped from the Sanatorium, a place where medical experiments take place on common people. Urtuk's escape was successful thanks to his fellow old friend - Eldric.

Urtuk has suffered a mortal disease, a mutation in the Sanatorium. Now he searchs for a cure in the world. It's only matter of time, when his mutation evolves to a level, when he finally dies.



The game is still in active development process. 


twitter: @UrtukTheGame